descriptionCycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Emulator
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last changeFri, 21 Oct 2016 14:19:08 +0000 (10:19 -0400)
2016-10-21 Tyler StacheckiMerge pull request #50 from sp1187/cic master
2016-10-21 Simon Erikssonsi: Add support for 7102 CIC.
2016-10-19 Tyler J. Stacheckivr4300/cp0: @sp1187: Fix undefined CP0 register access.
2016-10-19 Tyler J. Stacheckivi: Handle (non-)interlaced modes better.
2016-10-08 Tyler StacheckiMerge pull request #48 from sp1187/rspcp0
2016-10-08 Simon Erikssonrsp: Ignore highest bit of RSP CP0 register number.
2016-09-01 JasonAdd note about debugger not existing
2016-09-01 JasonFix -debug argument parsing
2016-09-01 Mike Ryandd: identify IPL and add support for all known dumped...
2016-08-07 Tyler J. Stacheckirsp: Bugfix for SSE2 RSP.
2016-07-18 Tyler J. Stacheckibus: Perform open bus reads for unmapped addresses.
2016-07-18 Tyler J. Stacheckivi: Make VI emulation less bad.
2016-07-10 Tyler J. Stacheckiai: Fix regression in previous commit.
2016-07-10 Tyler J. Stacheckiai: Revamp the audio system.
2016-07-10 Tyler Stacheckirsp: Qualify shuffle arrays as static.
2016-07-09 Tyler Stacheckirsp: Fix SQV and SRV (more endianness issues).
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