descriptionA (free) open-source N64 development toolchain.
last changeWed, 16 May 2018 14:10:35 +0000 (10:10 -0400)
2018-05-16 Tyler J. StacheckiUpdate toolchain to use GCC 8.1. master
2018-03-11 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64/io: Break out filesystem operations.
2018-03-11 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64: Add a thread for managing the SI.
2018-03-10 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64: Add a thread for managing the SP.
2018-03-10 Tyler J. StacheckiUpdate build scripts with new tool versions.
2018-01-28 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64/os: Spin on different PI bit during boot.
2017-12-31 Tyler J. StacheckiGraphics ucode optimizations and tweaks.
2017-12-31 Tyler J. StacheckiCommit the RDP demo before I mess it up.
2017-12-30 Tyler J. Stacheckilibgfx: Merge in very early release.
2017-12-30 Tyler J. Stacheckirspasm: Do not allow input from stdin.
2017-12-30 Tyler J. Stacheckirspasm: Add more operations yet.
2017-12-27 Tyler J. Stacheckirspasm: More vector operations, bugfix.
2017-12-27 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64/os: Fix a small typo in the comments.
2017-12-27 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64: Fix a bug reported by @einhov.
2017-12-20 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64: or why you don't push directly to master.
2017-12-19 Tyler J. Stacheckilibn64: Add an init ucode and execute it at boot.
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